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Pink Christmas! What do we have in store for the holiday?

It’s the season of giving again! And we can’t wait to unveil all our exclusive promos and discounts for this Pink Christmas! Like taking the new Home Waxing Service as one of our many solutions in making PINK PARLOUR more accessible and convenient for everyone!

The Gift

This Pink Christmas, PINK PARLOUR is gearing up for an exciting Holiday with everyone's family and friends for a fun Noche Buena! Yet, the stress of grocery shopping and completing our Christmas shopping list may also be a hassle for us.

With that said, the Home Waxing Kit is also available for some quick waxing sessions perfect for some last minute holiday plans and on-the-go waxing sessions! To complement this, PINK PARLOUR is giving a Complementary Soothing Lotion for every Wax Myself Kit purchased!

Get your hands on one today!

Something Extra

Ready to spice up your staycation? Why not try our newest innovation! Did you know that Bumbum Facial is the new facial now? This quick and safe treatment helps remove acne, blemishes, and other impurities.


The first step to any treatment is the removal of dirt and oil. Cleansing removes impurities to give the skin a fresh look and enables the products to penetrate the skin properly.


A preparatory scrub to help remove bumpy skin and button culprits - the dead skin build-up. Specifically formulated products containing DHA, glycolic and salicylic acid will be applied to emulsify dead skin cells and lighten the gluteal folds.


As we get older, our skin’s ability to produce healthy levels of collagen and elastin diminishes. Tea tree and seaweed-containing products will be applied to help boost collagen production and help regenerate skin cells within the area.


The final step is to get rid of hyperpigmentation and excessive sweating and reduce the appearance of cellulite through a pampering booty mask.

Try our newest innovation today!

Now, you can finally decide which and whom to give these gift ideas. We hope that you enjoy this holiday season and keep yourself posted with our amazing surprises until the end of the year.

Ready for the Holidays? Book now!

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