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Confidence and Hairless for the Holidays! Wax Myself is Ready for You!

It’s that time of the year again! The endless colorful lights and lovely Parols on the Merry streets and the voice of Jose Marie Chan on every radio. While we love spending time with our family and friends, holidays can also bring a lot to our schedule. From gift shopping to planning our Noche Buena we simply do not have enough time to sit down and book our WAXING APPOINTMENT in our favorite PINK PARLOUR store.

The Solution

Meet PINK PARLOUR’s newest innovation! The Wax Myself Kit is created with the same candy wax ingredient our professionals use during in-store Waxing Appointments.

The Wax Myself Kit comes with:

🎀 100/300 Grams of cold strip wax (sealed, none microwaveable, washable, and very easy to use!)

🎀 4 pcs of wax spatula

🎀 4 pcs waxing strip paper

🎀 Card with a QR code video demo on DIY waxing kit tutorial

All-natural ingredients & cruelty-free!

Get your hands on one today!

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