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Can Men Get A Brazilian Wax?

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Ever since Brazilian wax came into existence women have been reaping all the benefits of attaining that smooth look down there. However, it is a whole new world now! Brazilian is getting equally popular among men, and you can often see athletes, models, and bodybuilders who want to be more hygienic or want to get that aesthetically pleasing waxed look. It’s not at all a female thing anymore.

Men are going for the Brazilian to avoid itchy hair that grows in after a few days, and most of the men reported that they will never go back to shaving after getting their first Brazilian done. There is no doubt that waxing has multiple advantages for shaving yet if you are still confused regarding waxing here are the most common thoughts of men before they contemplate doing the Brazilian wax.

We understand your inhabitation in getting vulnerable in front of a stranger as your body may get judged. But the fact is your wax technician does that for a living and probably is more focused on getting the work done rather than concentrating on your parts. They will provide you with the best wax services possible as that’s the only concern during the appointment.

There is a huge misconception that Brazilian wax is not safe for male genitals. Getting an under pant wax is completely safe for men and provides a hygienic and clean look if done by professionals.

Going for Brazilian doesn’t mean you will get that clean look you may not be very comfortable with. You can either choose to remove only the bikini line and ask to neatly trim other hair for the masculine yet clean look. You just have to tell your preference to your waxer to apply the look that you want to achieve.

However, removing the hair through wax can never be completely painless yet the expert and experienced wax technician will use techniques that are less painful and reduce the discomfort. Also, wax is the most painful for the first two or three sessions, after that, you will experience less pain. Moreover, men do get excited during the wax and if that happens to you don’t get uncomfortable too as it’s a very common issue with men. In such scenarios, don’t worry because professional waxers are trained to handle such situations and are more focused on giving you the smoothest wax possible.

Give it a try! Pink Parlour is known to be the best hair removal place for first-timers!

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