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Best Painless Brazilian Waxing In Jakarta.

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

1. We don’t use sugar or honey wax! We use premium candy wax!

We understand that getting wax for the first time sounds horrible and so painful. For that reason, we only use our own premium candy wax formulated for sensitive skin, making it less painful than your breakup because it only sticks to your hair so when the wax is pulled you feel less pain compare to honey or sugar ! 2. We are not viral online but we are the most complimented salon with 5 star reviews on google! We don’t fake it! We have receipts for our claim that we are really the best place for first timers! Search on google & tag your bff *meow 3. Unlike other salons that provide clients with just wet wipes , we have showers for better hygiene facilities! As a top leading beauty parlour, we highly pay attention to cleanliness. Not only sanitizing all of the equipment and tools before and after usage of each customer, making things neat and tidy, but we also offer complete shower facilities to our beloved customers so they can clean up before and after their treatment. 4. We don’t train Staff locally! They are trained with international standards by our founder herself. Life is too short for a bad brazilian wax experience! To give the best first time waxing experience for its customers, Pink Parlour therapists are trained up to the highest hair-removal certification training by our founder herself Wendi Chan. 5. We don’t have flavored wax but we ensure highest hygiene standards possible! If you are waxed at a place that double dips, they use a pot of wax that has been used on many people before you that can potentially carry infections, bacteria and just plain ickiness! But Pink Parlour strictly says no double dipping. We care for and respect our customers. 6. Unlike other salons that have curtained rooms, We provide private rooms in closed doors for your privacy! Need privacy after a long day? No worries, babes, we offer super comfy private rooms where you can do treatment alone without any noise from other customers. 7. We don’t provide big rooms, but a cute friend that will accompany you! We understand that getting a brazilian wax for the first time sounds scary. That’s why we provide a Pink Parlour Pink Kitty Cat. This cute furry friend will accompany you during treatment so you can just give it a hug whenever you’re feeling a bit nervous, babes So what are you waiting for? Experience our Brazilian Waxing at 15% off on your first Try Waxing At Pink Parlour NOW!

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